July Type offers diverse licenses to accommodate various usage scenarios. Here are short descriptions for each types:

Desktop/Print license For creating printed and digital assets for a single brand, the Desktop/Print License enables the use of typeface software across documents, books, merchandise, signage, and more.

Web license Utilize the typeface software for website creation, employing WOFF and WOFF2 formats via the @font-face CSS method for a single web domain.

App License To embed the typeface software into mobile apps, web apps, games, and digital POS systems, including regional variants and platform-specific versions.

Video/Social Media license For creating content for platforms like YouTube, Netflix, television, commercials, and digital billboards, along with design assets for a single brand's social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and TikTok.

Logo/Watermark license For creating a logo or wordmark for a single brand, usable across print, social media, video content, and more.

Unlimited License Covering all media types without constraints on company size, the Unlimited License allows use across desktop/print, logo/wordmark, social media, web, app/game, and video. Contact us for inquiries.

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Q. Who owns the license? The license owner (Licensee) is the business entity that requests the design work, not the agency, individual, or freelancer carrying out the work. We base pricing on the number of employees within the Licensee's organization.

Q. What is a company size? Company size is the total number of individuals within the client's (Licensee's) organization. License fees are determined solely by this metric and are not influenced by factors like design agencies, department size, or individual font users.

Q. Can I, a client, share the font files with designers? We do not charge extra for sharing the fonts with subcontractors. Therefore the font files may be shared with designers and/or developers for the purpose of creating Licensee’s product.

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Here are some explanations on how our discounts are calculated:

Bundle discount 50% off for every second related weight you purchase. For example, regular + italic, or regular + bold.

Whole Family discount 60% off the total price

Multi-License discount 30% off for every second license type you purchase. For example, if you select Web license (€50) and then Desktop license (€100) of a typeface, Desktop license will be €70 (€100-30%).

Student discount

At July Type, we understand the financial constraints students often face. As a gesture of support, we offer a substantial discount on our licenses, providing students with full access at a reduced rate of 80%! If you encounter any verification challenges on our website, please contact us through with your proof of enrollment for assistance.

For more terms and conditions, read our full EULA document.